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Customized Workshops, Retreats and Focus Sessions


"To the one who has mastered himself, outside change will not bring the loss of inner steadfastness."

—Edith Hamilton


Ben makes it easy for meeting planners to get rave reviews

Leichtling Associates assists you in developing more capable, productive, and responsible employees in your organization. We custom design each presentation to fit your organization's objectives, industry, culture and participants. Our lively, down-to-earth sessions engage participants in taking responsibility for making changes, so teams and organizations can thrive.

Ben gives you the clear, long-range perspective, effective strategies, systematic tools and practical action plans you can use immediately. His workbooks and articles promote long-lasting growth and skill.

Renew and recharge your batteries.

Return to your life with the tools you need to succeed.

"It feels like Ben is talking directly to you from a deep personal and historical well of insight, wisdom and common sense. He's not your typical presenter."

From Great-West Life, "Leadership Responsibility and Accountability"


Our workshops, retreats, and focus sessions promote in-depth:

Learning of essential attitudes and qualities.

Mastery of systematic and course-correcting processes for problem solving.

Development of focused strategies and specific action plans.

Practice of crucial skills.


Transform attitudes, master people skills, spark productivity, have a great time

Ben delivers an inspiring, thought-provoking, and dynamic presentation.

insight - humor - practical wisdom - high-content - proven strategies - memorable stories - heart-felt presentations

Ben's vitality, enthusiasm and passion are contagious. His good will and good cheer create an environment that promotes learning and success.


Ben delivers fun, enthusiasm, inspiration, and problem-solving

Ben's work is real-world, not only because of his vast professional experience but because of his own changes.

Energize, align and focus effort in support of desired changes.

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Design Presentations, Workshops, Retreats and Focus Sessions

email Ben | phone 303.458.6616

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