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"Surrounding yourself with dwarfs will not make you a giant."

-Ben Leichtling

The technical training organizations typically provide — e.g., how to use equipment and software - is not enough to create and keep quality leaders and employees in today's market. Technical training is not sufficient for success.

The so-called "soft skills" are crucial for peak performance: How to be at your best when you need it most. How to think and communicate. How to manage and lead people effectively. How to deal with people's emotional reactions to work events. How to handle change.

Insider information on your company's and your industry's culture is also critical.

Leaders, managers and staff must practice, practice, practice. They need practical, specific, expert and timely feedback and coaching.

"Ben's business coaching has been invaluable, as my company has gone from almost nothing in executive search fees collected in its first year to over a million dollars only a few years later. Many people have helped me along the way, but as a friend and an advisor, Ben ranks right at the top."

Ray Bedingfield, President, Woodmoor Group, Inc.

In workshops, leaders and employees can learn generalizations and some specific rules. However, experience shows that it's the day-to-day feedback by external and internal mentors and coaches – as they do their jobs -- that makes the difference between mediocrity and success.

Our coaching:

Keeps you on course.

Corrects misunderstandings.

Identifies "stars" and leaders at all levels.

Reinforces learning applied to specific situations.

Provides solutions to your most difficult problems.

Surfaces, identifies and resolves hidden agendas, problem people, and sabotage.

Breaks you free from accepted limitations and "by-the-numbers thinking".

Promotes systematic team behavior and communication processes.


Practice makes perfect

Leichtling & Associates, LLC offers direct mentoring and coaching for


teams and organizations.


For more on mentoring and coaching, please refer to Ben's articles on the subject.

Contact Ben to develop a program that fits you and your organization.

Face-to-face coaching as a stand-alone service or tied to workshops and presentations.

Two hour to 1/2-day problem-solving, focus sessions.

Telephone coaching and problem solving for individuals and teams.


email Ben | phone 303.458.6616

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