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Here are some articles Dr. Leichtling has written that you may find useful.
They are listed below, by category. If you want to download PDF’s of any
articles, there’s an easy way:

  1. Scan down until you see the first article you want. Now that you know that you want at least one article – stop scanning the list and go to the next step.
  2. Click on the link to get you to the portal so you can get the articles..
  3. Fill out the information at the portal and go to the section to obtain articles.
  4. You’ll see the same list of articles, but this time they’ll be linked to the articles themselves.
  5. Simply click on the title to get the article you want. Open/download as many as you want.
  6. Happy reading!

Feel free to share the articles. If you want permission to reprint
them in a trade or company publication, please ask – it’s free.

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Article Sections:

Mastering Change

Developing leadership

Aligning organizations

Building and Coaching teams

Enhancing Personal skills

Mentoring & coaching

Hiring, Training, & Retaining Quality Employees

Personal Development

How to Supervise Adults When They Act Like Children, #57. 3-13-98, Denver Business Journal

Company Culture Designed to Support Success-Strategy, #76. 8-13-99, Denver Business Journal

Employee upgrade: Dump the naysayers, #107. 2-3-03, East Bay Business Times

Surefire ways to drive away your most valued employees, #110. 9-20-02, New Mexico Business Weekly

Don’t Tolerate “Stars” Who Bully, #114. 4-4-03, Cincinnati Business Courier

Merger Strategies: Merged companies can have the best of both worlds, #119. 2-16-04, Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

‘People Plan’ Necessary to Make Technical Conversions Successful, #120. 7-28-03, Memphis Business Journal

Embracing Office Conflicts can be Wise Leadership, #121. 10-13-03, Washington Business Journal

Problem Clients? If you can’t train them then dump them, #124. 1-12-04, The Business Journal of Jacksonville

Managerial totalitarians sabotage their own success, #125. 11-17-03, Denver Business Journal

Strong Startup skills fail entrepreneurs in the long run, #127. 2-2-04, Washington Business Journal

Customers backing gives testimony to profitability, #129. 3-29-04, East Bay Business Times

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