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"You become what you devote yourself to."

—The Upanishads

Are you sure that everyone is on the same page?

Is there too much duplication of effort?

Do turf fights get in the way of your plans?

Initiatives fail when your culture no longer fits your goals and people strategy–or your people plan is not matched to your culture. Effort is scattered, groups work at cross-purposes and people resist.

Success requires aligning your people plan with your organization's culture–and both with your business goals.

"I am so proud of this team, and they're proud of each other. We have a common goal and focus. Thank you for helping us get there."

- Zaneta Johns, Director of Human Resources, University of Colorado

Organizational culture is your, often unspoken, "behavior code." It's the rules you use to pursue your goals–the rules that control every process by which your people communicate and solve problems. Culture governs what they are allowed or encouraged to say and how. It is your organization's real dress code — not the set of words hanging, nicely framed, in the reception area.

What are the unspoken rules that control and limit each department's performance? Does your leadership style fit your employees' work style? Do your current business processes really support your organizational goals? Have you created an appropriate people plan for generating the business results you need?

Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps you align your leadership, workforce and processes for maximum success.


Energize, align and focus the efforts of everyone in your organization.

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