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"He that will not apply new remedies must expect old evils."

— Francis Bacon

Do you sometimes lose control or regret what you say or do?

Are you too pressured to learn what you need to?

Do you think of what to say or do after it's too late?


Change happens; it's inevitable. The absence of growth is death. Improvement promotes success. You want to advance in your job…to improve key relationships…to be better at a game or sport. You want to get the most out of work and create a life worth living.

Do you have the right skills to accomplish your goals? Are you at your best when the pressure is greatest?

"Your messages were so very relevant and very insightful and I expect to see quite a few changes in leadership styles. Each one of the 125 managers walked away with something to do or something to change. You absolutely nailed the problem of being overwhelmed along with specific actions we can use to turn things around. The conversation around ‘standing up for the standards' was something each manager needed to hear. It feels like Ben is talking directly to you from a deep personal and historical well of insight, wisdom and common sense. He's not your typical presenter."

–Jerrie Berning, Associate Manager, Great-West Life, "Leadership Responsibility and Accountability" presentation


Mastering new skills enables you to achieve your goals — and those of your organization.


Transform attitudes, master people skills, spark productivity

Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps individuals learn how to think, communicate and act in ways that yield phenomenal professional and personal results.

Learn to take charge of yourself and improve your best.

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