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"You're not thinking, you're only using logic!"

—Neils Bohr to Albert Einstein


Do you waste precious time obsessing on things of little importance?

Do you have to wait until inspiration strikes or do you have a systematic way of generating ideas?

Do your feelings get in the way of thinking and strategizing?

Do you recognize and act on your "accurate intuitions"?


Learn to focus your attention, think clearly and generate options. Identify what matters most and decide the best course of action.

Expand your mind and you expand your possibilities.

You and your employees need the ability to…

Learn systematically from your mistakes and successes.

Use both analysis and intuition in decision-making and problem-solving.

Divide large issues and projects into components you can manage.

Keep things in perspective and set priorities.

Use step-by-step problem solving tools.

Consider all sides of an issue and choose the best options.

Keep the big picture in mind while you're working effectively with the details.

Examine and challenge assumptions–yours and those of others.

See new possibilities and evaluate them objectively.


Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps you fine-tune these and other crucial thinking skills.

Learn to think and strategize masterfully.

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