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"I know the secret of failure: try to please everybody."

—Bill Cosby

Does defensiveness get in the way?

Do other people misunderstand your good intentions or take things the wrong way?

Do you adjust immediately and effectively to the early warning signs that communication is going down hill?

Can you and your people communicate effectively enough to function smoothly, sell ideas to others, and accept and deliver feedback gracefully?

Do misunderstandings sabotage productivity?


"Ben has such infectious humor and energy. He went beyond the Myers-Briggs presentations to address the differences that were really dividing us. He gained our trust, made it safe to open up and helped us focus on the real issues without getting defensive. His follow-up ensured that we mastered his systematic processes."

–Bob Ryckman, Sales Manager, US West


Good communication is more than the ability to deliver a message or concept.

Learn how to...

Use non-verbal communication to increase rapport.

Help uncommunicative people open up.

Express disagreement and stand your ground.

Convert conflict into a productive discussion.

Communicate in the other person's "language."

Listen to the "message behind the message."

Respond rapidly and effectively when misunderstandings occur.


Transform attitudes, master people skills, spark productivity

Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps you develop these and other essential communication skills–for maximum success on the job and at home.

Learn to to take charge of yourself and improve your best.

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