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Ben makes it easy for meeting planners to get rave reviews

Ben's basic message inspires and energizes.

"Life is challenge and response. Life is possibilities and risks. There have never been safe berths in secure harbors. We must be willing to face the unknown and unpredictable with courage, determination and passion."

—Ben Leichtling


So get on with it.

Renew and recharge your batteries.

Return to your daily life with the attitudes and tools you need to succeed.

Create a life worth living!


Ben makes it easy for meeting planners to get rave reviews

Ben gives you the clear, long-range perspective, effective strategies, systematic tools and practical action plans you can use immediately. His workbooks and articles promote long-lasting growth and skill.

Ben custom designs each presentation to fit your organization's objectives, industry, culture and participants. Ben delivers an inspiring, thought-provoking, and dynamic talk.

insight - humor - practical wisdom - high-content - proven strategies - memorable stories - heart-felt presentations

Ben's vitality, enthusiasm and passion are contagious. His good will and good cheer create an environment that promotes learning and success.

Transform attitudes, master people skills, spark productivity, have a great time


Ben gets to the core and brings it all together for you:



Attitudes, Qualities, Values

Passion, Energy, Purpose

Being At Your Best, Improving Your Best



Vision, Mission

Overall Goals, Directions



Systematic Planning and Problem-Solving Strategies

Course-Correcting Processes

Skills, Tools, Techniques







Ben offers a wide range of presentations in the areas of:

Developing Leadership

Building and Coaching Teams

Change Mastery

Retaining Quality Employees

Communicating Effectively

Delivering Great Customer Service

Enhancing Personal Skills

Some of Ben's most popular presentations

To see a wider range of presentation units, please scan the titles of Ben's published articles.

Even easier—call Ben at 303-458-6616 to personally design a presentation to fit your needs.


Ben's work is real-world, not only because of his vast professional experience but because of his own changes.


Make Dr. Ben Leichtling and his programs your catalyst for change.

email Ben | phone 303.458.6616

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