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Rave Reviews


Get results on the "human side" of your organization.


Zaneta Johns, Director of Human Resources, University of Colorado

"I am so proud of this team, and they're proud of each other. We have a common goal and focus. Thank you for helping us get there."


Diana Huerta, meeting planner

"I have found Ben to be insightful, energetic, and a wonderful mentor. His ability to assess, to guide, to teach, and to direct are matched only by his incredible sense of humanity. He clearly loves people, and truly wants everyone to maximize his/her potential; and he loves being part of the process! Your meeting, your group, your mission, your life is enriched with Ben's guidance."


Jerrie Berning, Associate Manager, Great-West Life, "Leadership Responsibility and Accountability"

"Your messages were so very relevant and very insightful and I expect to see quite a few changes in leadership styles. Each one of the 125 managers walked away with something to do or something to change. You absolutely nailed the problem of being overwhelmed along with specific actions we can use to turn things around. The conversation around ‘standing up for the standards' was something each manager needed to hear. It feels like Ben is talking directly to you from a deep personal and historical well of insight, wisdom and common sense. He's not your typical presenter."


Ray Bedingfield, President, Woodmoor Group, Inc.

"Ben's business coaching has been invaluable, as my company has gone from almost nothing in executive search fees collected in its first year to over a million dollars only a few years later. Many people have helped me along the way, but as a friend and an advisor, Ben ranks right at the top."


Bob Ryckman, Sales Manager, US West

"Ben has such infectious humor and energy. He went beyond the Myers-Briggs presentations to address the differences that were really dividing us. He gained our trust, made it safe to open up and helped us focus on the real issues without getting defensive. His follow-up ensured that we mastered his systematic processes."


Jim West, Chair, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

"Highest marks. The information was right on target and the most repeated comment was that there was not enough time — participants wanted more. We especially appreciated your high energy, effective use of graphics, great articles and useful quotes. Some of us were overwhelmed and at a standstill before getting your specific techniques. You went beyond quick fixes to creating short and long-term personal changes necessary for us to lead successfully. We're eager to have you back again."


Jeffrey M. Deese, Boulder Area Human Resource Association

"Outstanding presentation, exceptional job, interactive and informative, nothing but positive feedback. Ninety-three percent said that they would like to see additional presentations by you on this topic. Clearly, you met our objective to both communicate and educate the membership. I would highly recommend your program to any association or organization that is interested in making a difference in the way in which it solves problems."


Tom Cave, PLS, President, Accurate Consultants, Inc.

"Ben's Electromagnetic Leadershipsm program and coaching restored my sanity and saved my company."


Change Mastery program, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

"Ben's guidelines for dealing with emotional issues were excellent. We learned terrific strategies and tips I can use immediately. His examples and stories were specific clear and memorable. He applies concepts to real-life situations with great breadth and thoroughness. Ben was very invested in our learning."


Gail Hoyt, Controller

"Without your help, our struggles would have been insurmountable. You changed our patterns and kept us on track through our growth and reorganization. You discovered our blocks, helped us face our differences and gave us tools to solve our problems. He showed us how to harness and focus our energy effectively. The ability you have of enabling each person to hear the other and keeping all of us on our best behavior continues to be effective."


Kenneth B. Jaeger, NHA, Administrator

"During our teamwork workshop, Ben had extremely effective communication and leadership skills. He taught us how we to incorporate what we learned into our day-to-day activities. Ben made my managers feel at ease, which, in turn, allowed them to openly express themselves. As a result, I now have a team that has built unity, commitment.


Michelle Curtis, Chairperson, Colorado Association of Financial Aid Administrators

"Your down-to-earth approach in identifying and resolving our frustrations and challenges was refreshing. Participants were overwhelmingly in favor of recommending this workshop to their friends and colleagues. You renewed my outlook on the workplace and provided one of the most outstanding and helpful workshops I've attended."


Participants in the leadership session at University of Denver said:

"Stimulates thought, encourages participation and transformation."

"Applies concepts to real-life problems."

"Ben has great breadth and thoroughness of knowledge."

"Very invested in the topic and in us."

"He presents in a way that make concepts and terms easy to understand and applicable."


People attending Ben's "Change Mastery" program at CDP Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue said:

"Ben, you made a tough topic entertaining and educational with your delivery."

"Most valuable for me was how to get in touch with my own intuition, how to take care of my own personal space, how to handle rumors and how to take effective action in the midst of chaos."



Ben inspires and transforms


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