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"In times of chaos or significant change, experience is your worst enemy."

–J. Paul Getty

Are you and/or your staff having a hard time keeping your heads above water?

Do you and/or your staff often long for the good old days?

Are you sure that everyone is constantly moving in the same direction with the same goal clearly in mind?


Company growth. Reorganization, moving or downsizing. Exciting new business ventures. Change. Whether change is forced or chosen, you and your organization need to be at your best.

You want to thrive.

By themselves, a clear vision and detailed business plan are not enough for successfully managing a major change process. You also need a systematic "people plan" that fits your workforce and the specific challenges they will face. That plan will also enable you lead more effectively.

The methods you use to manage in stable times can actually defeat you during changing times. When the future is predictable, you can establish firm goals, timelines, action steps and procedures—and simply carry them out. You can write the book and live by it.

In unpredictable times, however, such a "book" will bog you down. You need to be able to change direction on a dime while maintaining your intensity and focus.


"Your messages were so very relevant and very insightful and I expect to see quite a few changes in leadership styles. Each one of the 125 managers walked away with something to do or something to change. You absolutely nailed the problem of being overwhelmed along with specific actions we can use to turn things around. The conversation around ‘standing up for the standards' was something each manager needed to hear. It feels like Ben is talking directly to you from a deep personal and historical well of insight, wisdom and common sense. He's not your typical presenter."

–Jerrie Berning, Associate Manager, Great-West Life, "Leadership Responsibility and Accountability" presentation


Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps organizations and individuals develop the flexibility, mindset and skills to master change...to function optimally in the face of unpredictability, uncertainty and confusion.

For more on change mastery, please read Ben's articles on the subject.

Make Dr. Ben Leichtling and his programs your catalyst for change.

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