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"He alone is worthy of life and freedom who each day does battle for them anew."


Do you hesitate to discipline employees or are you worried you might be too harsh?

Do you wish you knew how to get people back on track easier and faster?

Do you have enough time to complete your most important tasks?


Too much of managers' productive time is eaten by a handful of "people problems".

Temper tantrums. Skill deficits. Lack of effort. Back-biting. Anger. Sullen withdrawal. Retaliation. Feuds. Hypersensitivity. Emotional dumping. Turf wars. These and other issues can quickly sabotage a project and a team.


People attending Ben's "Change Mastery" program at CDP Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue said:

"Ben, you made a tough topic entertaining and educational with your delivery."

"Most valuable for me was how to get in touch with my own intuition, how to take care of my own personal space, how to handle rumors and how to take effective action in the midst of chaos."


Address people problems before they get out of hand. Build critical performance management skills so you can smoothly:

Form teams that start producing rapidly.

Create a climate for problem solving.

Keep your poise in the face of hurt, frustration, anger and attacks.

Bring new employees on board rapidly.

Distinguish between performance problems and personality clashes.

Deal with both specific incidents and with patterns of behavior.

Confront and discipline employees in a constructive way.

Rally employees to support production, behavior and communication ground-rules.

Deal with employee emotions, reactions and resistance.

Clarify rewards and implement consequences matter of factly.

Handle inherited problems when you manage a new group.

Train and retain quality employees.


Transform attitudes, master people skills, spark productivity

Leichtling & Associates, LLC teaches managers how to deal effectively with prima donnas, bullies, clock-watchers, "energy vampires" and others who aren't contributing to a positive work environment. We also show you how to get the best from your "stars and angels" without burning them out.

Learn to lead in a way that others are eager to follow.

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Assess what you need to reach the next level
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