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Mentoring and Coaching For Individuals:

Personal Leadership Development


"That which we persist in doing becomes easier — not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do it has increased."


Do you often feel like you're going it alone?

Do you feel like your struggling to get your ideas and work ethic across to cynics?

Would you like to have clear, specific ways of knowing if you're on course?

Would you like to strategize with someone who's on your side?

Sometimes isolation can be the biggest factor in sapping a leader's strength and determination. You can wander off course unable, to pinpoint where you are and how to get back on track.

Sometimes you need to step back and choose a new path - for yourself and for your organization. It's tough to do it alone.

"Ben's Electromagnetic Leadershipsm program and coaching restored my sanity and saved my company."

Tom Cave, PLS, President, Accurate Consultants, Inc.


Entrepreneurs, leaders and senior management need to talk with someone who:

Keeps your best interests at heart.

Speaks your personal language.

Offers systematic processes you can master and apply.

Provides ongoing, specific feedback that makes sense.

Has the expertise and practical wisdom to help you develop a plan that capitalizes on your strengths.

Develops specific signposts so you can measure your progress.

Guides you in becoming more resourceful, independent and successful.

Learn to take charge of yourself and improve your best.


Leichtling & Associates, LLC works with individuals, one-on-one. We guide you in handling difficult situations, in developing your abilities to the fullest, and in getting the results you want.

Find out more about Mentoring and Coaching for Teams and Organizations.

For more on mentoring and coaching, please refer to Ben's articles on the subject.

Contact Ben to develop a program that fits you and your organization:

Face-to-face coaching as a stand-alone service or tied to workshops and presentations.

Two hour to 1/2-day problem-solving sessions.

Telephone coaching and problem solving for individuals and teams.


email Ben | phone 303.458.6616

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