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Effective Communication--Electronic, Phone and Face-To-Face

“Einstein was wrong. The speed of gossip is much faster than the speed of light.”

—Ben Leichtling

Does seemingly harmless e-mail spark controversy and flurries of responses?

Are you getting your intentions and information across clearly or do misunderstandings cause problems?

Does dealing with e-mail sometimes get in the way of productivity?

Create a culture that makes electronic communication efficient and effective: make technology and people work for you, not against you

We help you:

Take advantage of the 7 Crucial Components of Communication – even electronically.

Avoid the top 10 mistakes made in electronic communication.

Make and maintain effective team ground rules for electronic communication.

Learn what not to communicate electronically.

Diminish misunderstandings and learn how to recover most easily from them.

Learn what can be communicated effectively and how.

Recognize and respond to “terminally resistant” abusers of electronic communication.

Practice with case studies and exercises to increase your skill with electronic communication.

Give and receive feedback and protect yourself without becoming defensive.


You need:

Presentations, workshops and training to make your goals, strategies and systems clear and to set the high standards that will align the efforts of leaders, managers and staff.

Guidance and facilitation of systematic processes to train your staff and managers in the culture you need to avoid misunderstandings, personality clashes and warring cliques, and to boost productivity.

Coaching focused on specific situations so your leaders and managers know what to do before molehills become mountains.

Ben delivers results you can see and feel

Ben's work is real-world, not only because of his vast professional experience but because of his own changes.

Energize, align and focus effort in support of desired changes.

Call Ben at 303-458-6616 to personally:

Assess what you need to reach the next level
Design Presentations, Workshops, Retreats and Focus Sessions

email Ben | phone 303.458.6616

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