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Everyday Heroes Bite the Bullet - Series

"Do not waste your time in grief and regret; opportunity is precious and time is a sword."

—Sadi - Sufi mystic

Are whining and victim talk dragging you down?

Have you created a culture of positive attitudes and determined effort?

Do you know how to be the calm center in the storm around you?

Are fear, negativity and discouragement sapping the will and vitality of your team?

"Whining is not only graceless but can be dangerous. It can alert a bully that a victim is in the neighborhood."

—Maya Angelou

Life can be unfair, painful, scary and tragic:

You must still create a culture of positive attitudes and determined effort.

We help you:

Deal with risk aversion, low confidence and low self-esteem.

Overcome hesitation, discouragement, pain, embarrassment and fear.

Learn to live with courage, perseverance, resilience, strength and hope.

Practice “The Method of Successive Approximations.”

Create a work force that talks and acts like stars.

Focus on goals, productivity and rewards.

Develop productive allies and partners.

Stand up for your standards.

Keep your best employees productive.

“Don’t be afraid your life will end. Be afraid that it will never begin.”

—Grace Hansen


You need:

Presentations, workshops and training to make your goals, strategies and systems clear and to set the high standards that will align the efforts of leaders, managers and staff.

Guidance and facilitation of systematic processes to train your staff and managers in the culture you need to avoid misunderstandings, personality clashes and warring cliques, and to boost productivity high.

Coaching focused on specific situations so your leaders and managers know what to do before molehills become mountains.

Ben delivers results you can see and feel

Ben's work is real-world, not only because of his vast professional experience but because of his own changes.

Energize, align and focus effort in support of desired changes.

Call Ben at 303-458-6616 to personally:

Assess what you need to reach the next level
Design Presentations, Workshops, Retreats and Focus Sessions

email Ben | phone 303.458.6616

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