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Customized Workshops, Retreats and Focus Sessions

"It may be true that life is a grindstone, but it is equally true that whether it grinds us or polishes us is determined alone by the substance of which we are made. That which has proved to be a stumbling block to one individual is a stepping stone to a more courageous soul."

—Cavett Robert


Transform attitudes, master people skills, spark productivity, have a great time

Ben gets to the core and brings it all together for you:



Attitudes, Qualities, Values

Passion, Energy, Purpose

Being At Your Best, Improving Your Best



Vision, Mission

Overall Goals, Directions



Systematic Planning and Problem-Solving Strategies

Course-Correcting Processes

Skills, Tools, Techniques







"Highest marks. The information was right on target and the most repeated comment was that there was not enough time — participants wanted more. We especially appreciated your high energy, effective use of graphics, great articles and useful quotes. Some of us were overwhelmed and at a standstill before getting your specific techniques. You went beyond quick fixes to creating short and long-term personal changes necessary for us to lead successfully. We're eager to have you back again."

—Jim West, Chair, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Ben offers a wide range of presentations in the areas of:

Developing Leadership

Building and Coaching Teams

Change Mastery

Retaining Quality Employees

Communicating Effectively

Delivering Great Customer Service

Enhancing Personal Skills


Some popular presentations


To see a wider range of presentation units, please scan the titles of Ben's published articles.

Even easier—call Ben at 303-458-6616 to personally design a presentation to fit your needs.


"Of course its hard. If it was easy, anybody could do it. It's the hard that makes it great."

—Jimmy Duggan in A League of Their Own


Ben's work is real-world, not only because of his vast professional experience but because of his own changes.

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