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"Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to beleive in the heroic makes heroes."

-Benjamin Disraeli

Dr. Leichtling's Expertise Featured Recently


The Columbian (Vancouver, Washington) - December 17, 2003

By Tricia Jones

What's.in.a.cyber.name (pdf)

Tricia asks Ben for tips about effective business and personal e-mail addresses


The Columbian (Vancouver, Washington) - November 26, 2003

By Tricia Jones

Tactful approach helps irritating colleagues change (pdf)

Tricia asks Ben for tips on dealing with annoying coworkers -- not for work situations only.


The Columbian (Vancouver, Washington) - November 26, 2003

By Tricia Jones

Office Offenses - Annoying co-workers are a big part of our stressful lives and jobs, experts say (pdf)

Tricia asks Ben why we encounter so many annoying people -- not for work situations only.


The Washington Post - October 28, 2003; Page C09

By Judy Colbert

Choices - Deciding Factors: How to Make Up Your Mind

Judy asks Ben for tips on difficulties, traps and strategies for making decisions--from minor to potentially life changing ones.


Entrepreneur magazine - October 2003, page 19

By Chris Penttila, "Staff Smarts" columnist

Shape Up! -- (Not for entrepreneurs only!)

Chris asks Ben how to tell if you're emotionally and mentally fit to be an entrepreneur and how to work on your weak spots. For anyone thinking about taking on an ambitious new project.


USA Weekend - September 26, 2003, page 6

By Dennis McCafferty

Create More Energy

Dennis asks Ben for tips on becoming more energetic. For people with low- as well as high-energy levels.


Florida Today - September 23, 2003

By Sam Eifling

Are we more stressed out than our ancestors - and what to do about it.

Sam asks Ben if we're more stressed today than our ancestors were or if we're simply a bunch of marshmallows--and what we can do about it.


Today's Administrative Professional - July 2003, page 7

By Jenny McCune

Effective spending - Stretch the company dollar with more attention to detail

Jenny asks Ben how you can help reduce expenses and boost productivity when a sluggish economy is forcing companies to cut back and administrators are on the front lines.


Entrepreneur - June 2003, page 19

by Chris Penttila, "Smarts Section" Editor

Deal with Uncertainty and Fear in the Great Unknown -- (Not for entrepreneurs only)

How can you keep your chin up in this uncertain landscape?

Chris asks Ben how you can keep your chin up in the face of uncertainty, unpredictability and tough times.


MedZilla.com - April 25, 2003

By Lisette Hilton

To spy or not to spy on employees' personal Web use

Lisette asks Ben about companies' "spying" on employees' web use. What factors should drive decisions for your type of company and staff?


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