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personal life coaching, advising and consulting Monthly Mentor for living your glorious life Powerful Resources Tell Your Story About Ben Leichtling
Personal life coaching, advising and consulting Monthly Mentor for Living Your Glorious Life Powerful Resources Tell Your Story About Ben Leichtling

Personal Development Overview

“Life is challenge and response. Life is possibilities and risks.
There have never been safe berths in secure harbors.
We must face the unknown and unpredictable
with courage, determination and passion.”

-Ben Leichtling


Free, No-Risk Offer to obtain monthly case studies and the exercises you need to overcome your difficulties and create a glorious life.

Become a member of Dr. Leichtling’s Program for Living Your Glorious Life.

Are you stuck? Not living as fully as you want?

  • Do you hesitate because you’re not sure what to do or lack the confidence to do it?
  • Have you grown your business as much as you want?
  • Do you hold back too much because of ignorance, embarrassment fear of making mistakes?
  • Do you over-react when you don’t get what you want get or treated badly?
  • Do you deal as effectively as you want with difficult people or bullies?
  • Do you think/hope there must be more to life?


Which is most difficult or painful:

  • A spouse or partner, parents or children?
  • Growing your business or moving your career ahead?
  • Moving into or out of a relationship?
  • Stress, anxiety and anger?
  • Children leaving home?
  • Habits you want to control?
  • Difficult co-workers, supervisors or employees?
  • Public speaking?
  • Other?


Do you want more:

  • Courage and discipline?
  • Determination, dedication, drive, commitment and focus?
  • Grit, persistence, perseverance, patience, endurance, tenacity?
  • Resilience and flexibility?


Would you like more practical, step-by-step strategies to:

  • End your frustration and pain?
  • Get over your resistance, hesitation and blocks?
  • Bring out the best in yourself and other people?
  • Make your life worth living?
  • Don’t be a victim of unfairness or adversity

    Create a rich, full and wonderful life – a glorious life
  • It’s your life – live heroically and skillfully, everyday!


My program to help you Live Your Glorious Life includes:


I work only with people who are thrilled with results

Join with Dr. Leichtling now to:

Assess what you need to reach the next level

Cut through the knots of seemingly complex and intractable problems

Deal swiftly and surely with critical situations you face everyday


email Ben/phone 303.458.6616

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