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personal life coaching, advising and consulting Monthly Mentor for living your glorious life Powerful Resources Tell Your Story About Ben Leichtling
personal life coaching Monthly Mentor for Living Your Glorious Life Powerful Resources Tell Your Story About Ben Leichtling

“Joy is a choice. Make it a habit.”

-Ben Leichtling

Membership in the “Living Your Glorious Life” Program

“You have to want it enough to get it--no matter why you hold back. You have to sacrifice what's less important--like your moods, habits and fears--to gain what's most important.”

-Ben Leichtling


Free, No-Risk Offer to obtain monthly case studies and the exercises you need to overcome your difficulties and create a glorious life

Register right now for your membership in Dr. Leichtling’s Program for Living Your Glorious Life.

My program to help you Live Your Glorious Life includes:

  • Personal-Life Coaching, Advising and Consulting
  • The Monthly Mentor
  • Powerful Resources
  • Tell Your Story Forum


You know that my strategies and action plans deal with the whole range of life’s interactions in personal life and at work, including but not limited to:

  • Facing overt bullies and bullies who fly below the radar.
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Dealing with major relationship or health changes.
  • Raising children in a tough and decadent time.
  • Overcoming bad habits.
  • Fear of public speaking.
  • Learning not to take things personally while still protecting yourself.

Learn how to eliminate the high cost of low attitudes in your life


I have been asked by many people to develop a Monthly Mentor that helps them:

  • See things clearly and practice effectively.
  • Bring out the best in themselves and others.
  • Make their changes second nature.

And that’s by people in all walks and stages of life, focusing on both personal life and career.

“Thank you for the stories, examples, exercises and quotes. They arrive just when I seem to be falling back into my old habits. My husband and I know they have been life savers.”

-Name withheld by request


Whether this Monthly Mentor:

  • Reinforces your personal-life coaching,
  • Keeps you on track after the intense phase of coaching,
  • Stands alone,

Many people have told me how much this would help - and how much this has -- when I’ve done it sporadically and informally.

Well, I’m finally following my own advice and doing this systematically.

And I’ve figured out how to do this in way that’s risk-free and no hassle to you.

Register right now in Dr. Leichtling’s Program for Living Your Glorious Life.


When you become a member of my Program for Living Your Glorious Life, each month you’ll receive an electronic Monthly Mentor containing a mixture of:

  • Memorable case studies, articles and success stories so you can learn by example.
  • Thought provoking ideas and guidance.
  • Practical, systematic and effective strategies, tips and tools.
  • Assessments and exercises.
  • Experience, wisdom and quotes to live by.
  • Other useful items as I learn or create them.
  • Pre-publication announcements of powerful products.

Some months I’ll mail CDs or audiotapes and handouts of programs I’ve given.

As long as you’re a member of the Program for Living Your Glorious Life, you’ll also get a bonus of a 10% discount on all Leichtling and Associates product purchases.

Register right now in Dr. Leichtling’s Program for Living Your Glorious Life.

“I never subscribe to monthly articles but after I tried yours, I’m convinced. I never thought that I’d be able to change my old habits. I thought I’d always be afraid. But now I can see my progress, step-by-step. It’s like the world has opened up in front of me. Your reminders have been life savers.”

-Name witheld by request

I don’t have to convince you that you’ll get loads of content: strategies, guidelines and specific techniques and tools so you can get out of your pain and live a glorious life. You won’t be disappointed. You will be thrilled.

You will be so thrilled you’ll want to give gift memberships to people you love

“Just because something is clear and straightforward doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

-Ben Leichtling


I work only with people who are thrilled with results

Register right now to get your Program for Living Your Glorious Life.

I understand that I’ll get Confidentiality - you won’t release or sell my name or information to anyone outside Leichtling and Associate, LLC ever (except if required by law).

I understand that as long as I’m a member of the Glorious Life Program, I’ll also get a bonus of a 10% discount on all Leichtling and Associates product purchases.

I understand that some months instead of an electronic Monthly Mentor you’ll mail me CDs or audiotapes and handouts of programs you’ve given and charge me an additional $6.00 to cover postage in the USA ($11.00 outside the USA).

I understand that I have no obligation to continue with membership at the low price of $20.00 per month after my free, one-month trial. All I have to do to cancel my membership at anytime is fax you at 303-458-6626 or e-mail you at

I understand that providing this information constitutes my permission for Leichtling and Associates, LLC to contact me regarding related information via e-mail, mail, fax and phone

No hassle, no questions, no hard feelings guarantee


At any time, for any reason, you can cancel by fax or e-mail and I’ll personally cancel your membership. You be the sole judge. Simple and easy.

Join with Dr. Leichtling now to:

Assess what you need to reach the next level

Cut through the knots of seemingly complex and intractable problems

Deal swiftly and surely with critical situations you face everyday


email Ben/phone 303.458.6616

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