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"And in support of this declaration we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honors."

– Declaration of Independence

Do some teams go off on their own and not produce what you need?

Do you know who produces more when they have freedom and responsibility and who requires more structure and management?

Are you wasting too much time micro-managing—especially employees who can soar without it?


"Autonomy of process" is sometimes the best help an organization can provide to a team.

Self-directed teams need to know specifically the results you want and when they're needed—in measurable terms. But once you've done this, certain people and projects will benefit from process flexibility.

Self-directed teams need training in how to translate results requirements into appropriate processes. They need to know how to clarify expectations, both in productivity and teamwork agreements–and clarify authority, responsibility, timelines and accountability. Each team member must buy into the team's goals, standards and culture.

Individuals in self-directed teams need to learn how to handle loafers, dictators, saboteurs, manipulators and anyone else who impedes team progress. You must provide specific, effective and repeated training in how to accomplish individual and collective goals –and how to communicate effectively as a team.

The paybacks of self-direction can be enormous–increased productivity, morale and loyalty.

"I am so proud of this team, and they're proud of each other. We have a common goal and focus. Thank you for helping us get there."

–Zaneta Johns, Director of Human Resources, University of Colorado

Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps you determine whether a self-directed team can succeed, given the tasks you need to accomplish and your organizational culture. If a self-directed approach makes sense, we guide you in establishing productive self-directed teams.


Build productive teams that bring out the best in your employees and managers.

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