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How to Hire, Train and Retain Quality Employees

"Demand quality from yourself and others.  You'll get what you put up with, so put up only with quality."

- Ben Leichtling

Do you know the best ways of keeping "productive grunts" and "shining stars?"

Are you exhausted with bidding wars and bribery to keep mediocre performers?

Do you think that half warm bodies and low standards are necessary to keep your team-company operational?

Maintain an effective, efficient and consistent system to create an environment where productive people are eager to work

A smorgasbord of competitive benefits is necessary to get you into the hiring game but isn't enough to retain the quality performers your business depends on.

You can't please everybody.  But you can attract and keep the best employees who fit your industry, company, culture and type of work.

Some companies need only minor adjustments and training to make an appropriate system more effective.  Some can use Leadership Responsibility and Accountability programs to get the message out.  Other organizations need extensive changes in attitudes and systems in order to hire, train, evaluate and retain the employees they need to have if they're going to withstand the competition.

We help you:

Create the word of mouth that attracts the best performers in your industry.

Hire top-notch people who fit your company.

Use probation periods to rapidly cement good relationships or weed out people who won't fit.

Identify your best - "productive grunts" and "shining stars."

Go beyond bribery to develop personal loyalty.

Stand up for standards that breed accomplishment and success.

Avoid burning out your best employees.

Protect your environment against negativity, slackers, "energy vampires" and other "bad apples."


You can't just demand performance and loyalty.  You won't get it by bribery.  You must cultivate and maintain relationships that link personal loyalty to performance, accountability and rewards.

Experience shows that motivational programs aren't long-lasting enough.  Without an effective system, continually maintained by skilled managers and employees (yes, employees, themselves), your organization will slip into bad habits that allow your competitors to pass you by.

We go beyond presentations to guide and facilitate a process that brings the best performers on board and also provides productive partners.  We guide you in setting standards that make sense and in developing the loyalty and alignment you need.


Transform attitudes, train managers and staff to get it right the first time, spark productivity

Do you want to hear your most productive employees say:

"I stick up for them because they stick up for me."

"They give me the help and people I need to succeed."

"They turned things around here."

"I like the high bar—the challenges, opportunities and rewards."

"This is a great place, I want to work here."

You need:

Presentations, workshops and training to make your goals, strategies and systems clear and to set the standards and tone that will align the efforts of leaders, managers and staff.

Guidance and facilitation of systematic processes to bring your best employees on board and to keep productivity high, as the "slackers" and "rotten apples" are replaced.

On going coaching and sessions focused on specific situations so your leaders and managers know what to do before molehills become mountains.

Energize, align and focus the efforts of everyone in your organization

"My tastes are simple.  I am easily satisfied by the best."

- Winston Churchill

For more information, see Ben's articles on hiring, training and retaining quality employees.


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