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"The object is not to take the whitewater out of the river. The object is to be master in the kayak."

–Dr. William Boast

Are you wasting precious time dealing with over-reactions and nasty surprises?

Is the rumor mill becoming the focus of attention?

Are key employees bailing without warning?


You need to develop and teach the essential skills of Change Masters:

Avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Stay calm, energetic and focused - even when a situation seems hopeless.

Keep things in perspective and proportion.

Cultivate accurate intuition to anticipate events and people's reactions.

Deal effectively with people's emotional responses to change.

See what's probable no matter what people say to expect.

Teach teams to detect and respond to the unexpected before it happens.

Develop course-correcting strategies to manage changing times and conditions.

Create and communicate specific guidelines to help teams navigate change.

Set expectations so everyone understands the standards and priorities.

Deal with sudden and continuing changes in the rules and situations.

Manage the rumor mill.

Convert conflict into discussion.

Offer rewards and insist on consequences.

Demonstrate commitment and gain buy-in from others.


Change Mastery program participants at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center said:

"Ben's guidelines for dealing with emotional issues were excellent. We learned terrific strategies and tips I can use immediately. His examples and stories were specific clear and memorable. He applies concepts to real-life situations with great breadth and thoroughness. Ben was very invested in our learning."

Leichtling & Associates, LLC helps groups and individuals build these important skills.

Make Dr. Ben Leichtling and his programs your catalyst for change.

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