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"The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them."

—from Crow and Weasel by Barry Lopez

Are you having trouble getting buy-in to your business plan?

Are teams duplicating effort or going in different directions?

Are you even sure you know what's going on?


Eavesdrop on conversations in the cafeteria or coffee station, and you will hear stories that reveal workplace culture. Is perfection your driving cultural force? Or "notch-above" customer service? Are you sure that your culture effectively aligns and focuses effort to secure your success?

Because culture varies from organization to organization—and even from department to department—there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" change mastery model.

"Without your help, our struggles would have been insurmountable. You changed our patterns and kept us on track through our growth and reorganization. You discovered our blocks, helped us face our differences and gave us tools to solve our problems. He showed us how to harness and focus our energy effectively. The ability you have of enabling each person to hear the other and keeping all of us on our best behavior continues to be effective."

-Gail Hoyt, Controller


Failure to develop a "people plan" that fits your company and its challenges is a major reason that change processes fail. Leichtling & Associates, LLC recommends a cultural assessment as part of every change mastery project. Through a variety of activities, including one-on-one interviews and ongoing focus groups, we identify your driving processes, as well as variations by work group.

We use this cultural information to craft change mastery strategies that meet employees' needs while effectively moving them toward your organizational goals.

Make Dr. Ben Leichtling and his programs your catalyst for change.

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