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"The very act of creation is first of all an act of destruction."

—Pablo Picasso

Do you have to work around the system to get things done efficiently?

Are employees adequately trained before they're thrown into the fire?

Do mistakes and problems happen over and over?


Achieving organizational alignment requires soul searching and hard work. It is a four-step process:

Review what you say:

What is your stated vision?

What are your organizational goals?

What productivity and behavioral standards have you set for yourself and your people?


Review what you do:

What is your organization's true operating culture? How do you really do business?

Do your strategies, priorities and processes promote your goals?

Have you implemented new procedures to avoid past mistakes and inefficiencies?

Can people safely bring up issues that make the difference between success and failure?


Synchronize "Say" and "Do":

Bridge the disconnects.

Do you need to alter strategies, processes or standards?

Do your people need additional skills to deliver the results you want?


Get the right people in the right places:

You need an environment that promotes success and people who can excel in your environment.

Which employees fit best in which departments?

Do you keep people too long or remove them too rapidly?


Leichtling & Associates, LLC offers several assessment tools to help you analyze your business processes and culture. We work with you to identify and address areas where your current practices are at cross-purposes with your organizational goals. We facilitate the alignment process through individual and team activities.

Energize, align and focus the efforts of everyone in your organization.

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