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360-degree Teamwork | Self-directed Work Teams | Articles on Building Teams | Hire, Train and Retain Quality Employees

"Horses all pulling in the same direction can pull a lot more weight."


"One finger can't lift a pebble."

– Hopi saying

Does your organization consistently promote responsibility, accountability and stellar performance?

Are some managers and employees resisting or sabotaging key projects and initiatives?

Do difficult issues tend to get swept under the rug?

Do your teams effectively welcome and integrate new employees; do they get up to speed rapidly?

Team effectiveness requires a concerted, coordinated effort by workers and organizational leaders. Additionally, your business processes and procedures may need modification to take maximum advantage of teamwork's benefits.


"During our teamwork workshop, Ben had extremely effective communication and leadership skills. He taught us how we to incorporate what we learned into our day-to-day activities. Ben made my managers feel at ease, which, in turn, allowed them to openly express themselves. As a result, I now have a team that has built unity, commitment."

–Kenneth B. Jaeger, NHA, Administrator


In order to keep a team from burning out, the organization must provide:

Clear vision, goals and intermediate steps that generate profits.

A system and structure that promotes effective and efficient operation.

Standards of quality, technical performance, behavior, communication and profit.

Resources–money, equipment, training and leadership.

An effective, stepwise process for problem solving.

An evaluation system based on team performance as well as technical productivity.

Appropriate agreements (ground rules) for team behavior and communication.

Encouragement, rewards–and when results are lacking, appropriate consequences.

Care for individuals.

A culture that attracts and fosters worthy partners.


To ensure smooth team interactions, individuals must:

Have a clear vision of the team's goals and a desire to do what it takes to succeed.

Master necessary skill sets.

Thrive on responsibility, authority and accountability.

Use effective problem-solving processes.

Insist on team ground rules for behavior and communication.

Be willing to deal with team members who pose behavior and communication problems (see Personal Skills Expansion).

Develop attitudes and behaviors that attract and foster worthy partners.


This is "360-degree teamwork."


Leichtling & Associates, LLC provides a 360-degree focus… teaching individuals and organizations what they need to do to get the most out of team performance.

Build productive teams that bring out the best in your employees and managers.

Contact Ben to:
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